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You are a ghost, a traveler between worlds. Long ago, your own world fell... but you don’t remember your home, or the person you once were. You have formed a concord with other spirits to seek answers in the many worlds.

Questlandia 2 is a game about spirits traveling together through ill-fated kingdoms. You will learn what makes these worlds unique, their achievements and their flaws. The people you meet in these worlds will help you understand who you are, and who you want to become.

Your ghost will embody and interact with elements in the worlds you visit. Every ghost in the game has a special focus, and this focus shapes the way you create worlds and stories within them. Some ghosts have a magic connection with plants. Some are mischief-makers. Others can see beautiful visions of the future, or troubling visions from the past. As you play, the stories of the worlds you visit will unfold before you, and as your concord travels from world to world, you’ll uncover secrets and memories from your own ghost’s past.

Questlandia 2 is a redesigned and totally re-imagined version of Questlandia. The estimated release for the complete game is Fall 2020. Until then, we will be sharing development versions along the way.

Design Doc

To follow along with progress on the game, check out Design Doc, a bi-weekly podcast about redesigning Questlandia.

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Design Doc on Stitcher


Or wherever you like to listen to podcasts!

When will files be available to download?

We're not sure. We'll be playtesting and refining the game more in coming months. The alpha version will be shared with patrons first, then we'll share files to download here.


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Hi! I recently started listening to Design Doc after looking for interesting gamedev podcasts and it’s hugely interesting seeing behind the curtain and hearing how you are going with development of Questlandia 2. I’m currently halfway through your Plumbob podcast and I am keen to see how you’ve worked the Journal aspect because that’s something I’m also working on for one of my games. :) Could you share some insight into it or direct me to episodes where you discuss it more?

I hope dev is going well, but I’ll definitely see as I get through the podcasts!


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Any information about the release date? I can't wait anymore!

Thanks for checking in. No time soon, but we'll continue to plug away and we'll post devlogs when there's a significant update. :)