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Questlandia updated second edition here!

Questlandia is a game where we build a world together, then play out its collapse. We each take on the role of someone living in this fantastical society. Whether kings or merchants, warriors or gardeners, our characters pursue their own dreams while the society around them falls apart.

The game tells stories reminiscent of The NeverEnding Story, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and The Expanse - Unique, troubled worlds with characters swept up in a moment of crisis.

In the first part of the game, we build a world that is fascinating, strange, and vulnerable. We paint a picture together of the kingdom’s people and architecture, their laws and customs, how they live and how they dream. The result is a surprising, unique fantasy setting.

Questlandia is designed to be friendly to quiet and new roleplayers. It gives different players control over different aspects of the setting, so the creativity is shared. And during roleplay, everyone take turns being in the spotlight.

  • No GM
  • One to two sessions
  • Collaborative storytelling
  • Player-generated setting
  • Weird fantasy world-building
  • Humor meets high stakes
  • Friendly to new & experienced roleplayers

Questlandia physical books are currently out of print, but we're working on a new edition, expected June 2022. We're going to keep the old PDFs up here for now, but if you'd like to purchase the new edition instead, you can pre-order on our website here: https://turtlebun.com/products/questlandia

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, GM-Less, One-shot, worldbuilding


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Questlandia is a collaborative world building RPG. In this GMless game, you and other players create a kingdom via the lenses of people living within it, and explore how a crisis that brings the kingdom to an end affect their lives.


Nice game, needs some more polishing toug


Hi Homegrown, If you can expand on that feedback that would help us and others. There's a second edition being created and more polish is a little vague. Was it the rules that seemed like they needed polish? The editing? Thank you. :)


The dice throws, for example, renderr you capable to do superhuman feats even if you're just a poor old smith. I suggest to add some kind of minor action mechanic so that you can still escape and do your stuff when something in rp turns wrong without having to end your turn and hope for the dice. Also there should be a mechanic to do more heavily interlaced stories, because now it's a nightmare to do. The main thing is the turn limit, me and my group wanted to keep playing but it was almost impossible after the turn limit, so maybe find a way to make ALSO long campaign and to have more kingdoms than one with different problems. I hope it's useful and good luck with the 2nd edition, I'm looking forward to it.

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Thanks for these thoughts! We're looking forward to the longer campaigns that the sequel will allow.